Konjit Avent

Fun Fact: I love fine teas and linens

What does it mean to be free Black woman? As a person of color with a dark-skinned mother and a fair skinned father, I always cringed when others inquired if the woman with me was indeed my mother. I was insulted. My hair was sandy brown along with my Native American red skin. For me subconsciously as a child, these inquiries about color and ethnicity fueled my quest to ingest all I could about the African Diaspora. My beautiful mother with her straight hair, front gap teeth, and curvaceous waist is a survivor of trauma. She painted African sculptures, danced and sewed for therapy. Unknowingly, her involvement in the arts became the catalyst for purpose. K. Avent

Konjit’s life’s work has always been centered in art and culture. It is now vital as ever to discover who we are and to forge through this pandemic portal of chaos. We must seat ourselves in expanding the scope of African Diasporic cultures and what this means for Black people in the United States. Her professional career as a clinical care coordinator for the past 30 years has been in the non -profit world of social service and healthcare. However, the desire to insert herself in the world of art culture has always sat in her soul as colonial narratives have attempted to tell our stories as people of color. Often done so without vigor, positivity or a full scope of our wonder. Konjit , at age 45, pursued a M.A. in cultural anthropology and museum studies in 2016. Konjit ‘s businesses include a marketing company Pretty Girl Productions started in 2010 as well as a branding company Haze Management. Her pursuit has been to assist creatives with organizing events, business and to be a liaison for community initiatives. As a docent and volunteer, she also began to organize tours for the Katherine Dunham museum in 2013 to increase awareness about the history of this black woman her anthropological studies and international business affairs. Miss Dunham is to be acknowledges as one of the first black women to do international business and to express herself without fear. The study of people and material culture for the preservation of Black legacies is the catalyst for sustaining our place in this world; Konjit’s mission is to simply connect creatives in a viable to way to do their works. Current projects: ongoing efforts to preserve the Katherine Dunham museums (The Katherine Dunham Center for the Arts and Humanities).  Prized Article, African American hat company, as it seeks to build legacy through black craftsmanship and hand crafted pieces.

Konjit Avent is also an Aborisha and the African tradition of Lucumi.

“I have been able to work on my “IWE PELE” (character) and focus. I wouldn’t be on this path without Lucumi an oral tradition of discovering your destiny and life path.  This tradition has grounded me spiritually and enhanced my destiny in life – MY FREEDOM”.

Pray, Create, Work


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